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" a day"

I'm so tired today. I wish I could just go lay down and fall asleep and not wake up for hours. Cohen wakes up around 7:30 now and though to some that may not be so early, it's early for me! I was used to her sleeping until around 9:30-10 and now that she goes to bed earlier, she wakes up earlier too. Sh is napping right now and I would love to take a nap also but I have SO much to do. I shouldn't be blogging, I should be doing laundry and getting my sewing done.

Oh... Lord give me the inspiration and energy to get my stuff done. You know our hearts and our struggles.

Blessing to everyone who is having "a day" today.



Tis' the season

Ok so it's early, but I just can't get rid of my itching for Christmas! I have already decorated. I actually did it a few days ago when Vin was gone over the weekend. It was me and the box of decorations in the garage. What was I supposed to do? I admit, those little twinkle lights sure make a nice glow at night when you are cuddling next to your love on the couch. That and the candles. It's magical. I'l wait for the tree, I want to go cut one down fresh this year so I know it won't die as soon as we bring it home. Last year our tree looked like it had been sitting in the hot sun for weeks.

On another note, this morning Riley was playing around and he disappeared for a few minutes. Then I see him book it under my bed as fast as his little short legs could go. I call his name but he wouldn't budge. RILEY!!!!! I knew something was up. So I MAKE him come out and he looks about as shamed as he ever could. His head down ears back. He did something. I didn't know what so I just ignored his shameful face and gave him a pat on the head. Well, I go into my living room and start smelling something not so pleasant. I lift up Cohen several times to take a sniff but nothing. Then my eye's proceed over towards the door and sure enough, a huge pile of doggy doo doo. I knew it! HE knew it! Smart dog. He knows when he does something wrong. Taking a poo on my carpet is a HUGE no no and he knows it. Well, lets just say he got in trouble and wont be coming out of his crate for a long time today. Why can't dogs be as easy to potty train as a cat? Schmeentzy wont go anywhere else other than his box. The first day we brought him home from the humane society as a tiny little kitten the first thing he did was go potty in his box.

Anyway...enough about that. It makes me upset! On another note, I made another pie and it was delicious! Not to toot my own horn but this recipe I got is just the best thing ever! I have never been successful at making pie crust and it turns out so perfect. I made strawberry rhubarb and it was yummy! I think I will make another today!




I am so sick TO DEATH with nudity in movies. When you want to watch a movie with your husband, it never fails. Some bimbo pops up naked. It infuriates me so much!

legitimately mad,

Come on girl!

I CAN'T motivated today!!!! I have so much cleaning to do but I just can't get myself to do it.... ugh.

Thank you...

To all the armed forces who have given their lives, and fight every day to give us freedom. You are heroes and I will never go a day without thinking and praying for you!


No head butts about it!

So, my title probably wont make sense to many but those of you who know, you'll get it :-) Church was great today! Chad did a great sermon, and included my favorite story of him head butting a poor innocent girl thinking it was his sister. Oh boy, good laughs. Anyway, Vin did a great job during worship and really touched my heart. All in all it was so wonderful to be there. Cohen did good through the whole service too so I was able to really enjoy every moment.

I'm also looking forward to next week. Vin won't be leading worship and it's so nice to be able to wake up together and get ready and go to church together! We don't get to do it very often so I appreciate the times we do so much! It's a blessing to have others give him a break every now and then.

Well, I think I will get off here and try and get my hubby to wake up!



I'm dancin' with myself....

I am having a date night with... MYSELF! It's actually wonderful. I miss Vin with all my heart of course but I have about 20 candles lit, a can of coca cola, some brewers yeast pop corn and Halloween candy at my side and I am in euphoria. Oh and can't forget I have a chick flick on the boob tube as well.

Cohen is sound asleep, Riley is hanging out and I am totally relaxed.

Just in, my mom is coming over to join me! Now the only thing that could make this night even better would be Vin ;-)

Later <3


Girls night out

My momma came over tonight for a slumber party :-) She is keeping me company while Vin is gone in Seattle. It's been such a nice relaxing day! I spent a lot of it cleaning and doing laundry. Then at about 7:30 took a trip to Walmart with mom and Coco and came home. I put little Coco to bed and now mom and I are watching movies! It's a nice ambiance in my home with the house clean and candles lit all around. I can hear the rain outside. It's lovely!

Lullababy has been keeping me busy! I hope to get my products in some local stores soon. If you think of it, keep that in your prayers as I would love to be able to sell in some stores and maybe even eventually have my own!

Well, I think I will write my love an e-mail and tell him I am thinking of him <3


What's for breakfast?

When you find yourself eating garlic caesar CROUTONS for breakfast....it's time to go grocery shopping.

That's all.


Oh and, I miss my husband :-(


On the road

Cohen and I are making a trip to Ikea today :-) It's mostly because Vin will be gone ALL day and I don't want to be home all day without him :-( So we will head out and check out the new Ikea. I think we'll have fun. It can be a little stressful taking Cokie far places but I'm sure we'll have a grand ol' time together.

I have a bunch of sewing to do. Vin will be gone all weekend so hopefully I will get a lot done then :-)

Well, have a blessed day!




I am proud of my husband. He is such a hard worker and has such a passion and desire for The Lord. He takes such good care of Cohen and me. I feel lucky to have a husband concerned and committed to providing and caring for his family. We opened a bottle of Sutter Home wine for dinner and it brought me back to our dating days. I was thinking, I'm still so much in love with Vin as I was then, and if you can imagine....I love him even more now. I feel like we have grown so much in our love and relationship. He is my best friend <3

Cohen decided she wanted to go to bed a couple hours later tonight, which is fine with me since that probably means she will sleep in later which also means I will get to sleep a little later too! My mom and I are meeting tomorrow at Nordstrom. They are having some big sale and we thought it might be fun to pretend to shop a little :-)

Ok well I am calling it a night.



A think a change... will do me good!

I did it. I cut bangs. Holy smokes, it feels good to have a change. Here are some self taken pictures. I haven't taught Cohen how to take pictures yet and Riley was sleeping :-) Hope you like it honey :-/

This morning

I let Riley out to go Potty and it was SO peaceful out. Sometimes, I have this VERY RARE sense of total peace for just a moment. It brings me back to an old post about 4 years ago, I was a single girl in a busy uneventful life and I had this moment in time.... I will copy and paste the post....


"I was getting into my car last night, after I had been in getting coffee and a thick fog had fallen all over Salem. I stood there my hot coffee awkwardly in my hand because it was hot and I forgot to grab a sleeve for it, my laptop bag heavy on my shoulder, my purse hanging on for dear life by my pinky finger and my hair sort of falling out of my clip and my nose was starting to run because of the cold air. In the midst of my chaos I stopped, closed my eyes opened them again, took a deep breath of cold foggy air and exhaled slowly. I looked long and hard through the fog. I felt the Lord tell me it was him being that fog, grabbing my attention away from the stress I had been feeling. He was telling my heart to be still, and to know he was God. It was so quiet like it had snowed. Not a soul was around me. It was truly a euphoric moment. So simple yet it was a blessing."

Gosh... those words God tell us. "Be still and know that I AM GOD" I know I am not the only person He has said those words to. So truly meaningful and so inspiring.

Thank you Lord for speaking to me when I need to hear it. When my heart longs to feel your peace and when I need that reminder that You are God and I am man, and I need your peace.

In love,


Lil' Shoesies

I made a set for some friends of ours who are having a baby girl! They are in the Hospital, she has Toxemia like I did, and she is on bed rest. Anyway I made a monkey set for her. A blanket, burp cloths and these little shoes. I'm glad I am done with them! It's a lot of work but I love it so much! I don't think I have ever done "work" like this that I truly LOVE~ Anyway, These Lil' Shoesies are cute! My favorite so far I think.

A little quiet time

Cohen went to bed at 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's actually 8 to her but still! What in the world will I do with all this time! Just kidding. I'll probably head to bed pretty soon myself. I am SO tired today! We went to a neat service at George Fox. It was inspiring. So many young people using their gifts to serve and praise God. There were some great musicians and dancers and people doing some acting. It was really neat! I think it is so cool to see young and old doing awesome relevant things to reach people. It is 2008 almost! Times are a-changing!

Well, I do have a few things to sew, sew...hehe.. I will get going!



Newest addition

I made it! My first baby shoe of many! I had time this morning while Cohen was asleep to get this shoe cracked out. I'll be making them and hopefully adding them to the website soon! Give me your feedback about them :-)


The Pie...

Finally a real post....

Cohen fell asleep and I just made an apple pie! I even made the crust from scratch. We'll see how it turns out. I don't have the best of luck when it comes to baking pies. We are headed to my mom's house for dinner this evening so I wanted to being a dessert.

Have I mentioned never to watch QVC or HSN? If you are a stay at home mommy and actually have time to watch TV, don't watch these! I have been tempted TOO many times! They have some really appealing stuff on there and they are SO clever about advertising and marketing. If I could, I would shop these channels a lot!

Halloween was way too fun. We kinda went all out with decorating! I put up spider webs, spiders, caution tape, had a scary sounds tape playing and we bought dry ice and pit in in bowls with hot water so it looked like our yard and walk way was all smoky! Plus, we added some dry ice to our candy bowl so it gave it a cool creepy affect too! The kids love it. When I answered the door, Vin would put on this scary mask and jump out and scare the trick-or-treaters, haha. We had code words in case some of them were too little to get scared. They loved it! It was fun :-) My mom was here too and I made us green goblin punch, acorn squash and chef salads. We were stuffed by the end of the night! Halloween is fun!

I love this season. It's fun to look forward to all the great holidays. Christmas will be great. I can't wait to have Cohen's first Christmas!

Well, I better go check my pie.

God Bless,
Can't a girl buy some RHUBARB!? It's out of season. And of course it's out of season when I want to buy it :-)


Hanging out on Halloween

Cohen is being festive eating sweet potatoes for lunch! Just thought I would share the wealth....

Check out these cute pictures!

I love sweet potatoes!!!
I'll take that camera please!
This is my LAST bite!!
See! I ate it ALL!!



I'm tired all day and then, bedtime comes and I'm not tired.... what is the deal??? Thank goodness for sleep medication.



What a terrible day......

Today was nothing short of terrible for me. Some people may beg to differ and have differen't opinions about what terrible is but for me, it was terrible.

I was driving home from some errands and as I was turning on to my street from another I spotted a tiny black kitten playing in the road. He was running all around and my first thought was, "Oh no! I have to go get him before he gets hit!" well, I pulled the fastest U-turn I could but before I could get to him in time... a man hit him and killed him right before my eye's. A nice woman saw it too and stopped to get the kitten out of the middle of the street. I drove up beside her and there lay that innocent playful kitten limp in her arms. His precious little body smashed. The worst part was she could still feel his heart beating for a few minutes. I knew he wasn't going to live long, as his eye's were completely pushed out of their sockets. It was terrible. I can't handle that kind of thing. Any time I see an animal in need, I am more than willing to help. It doesn't matter what it is. I have rescued baby birds, moles getting attacked by crows, crows who have been hit by cars, cats, runaway dogs, you name it. I love animals and it just broke my heart today. I pray, and if you will also, that The Lord would take those images away from my mind. It's like a movie that wont stop playing over and over in my head. I hope I can sleep tonight....


Lonely Sunday

Sounds pretty sad, but it's not really lonely. A little though because Vin went fishing with some guys today and he probably wont be home until later this evening. Cohen is napping so I got to take a shower and now I am racking my brain for something we can do. Perhaps we will go look at fabric? That is always entertaining! I miss spending all that time sewing, I haven't done much lately because I have been busy with a lot of other things. Like our house. I want it to be perfect all the time since we are trying to sell it. If you think of it, keep us in your prayers that The Lord would give us a buyer fast!

Fall is oh so lovely! I just adore the pumpkins and the leaves all over! I decorated a little for the trick-or-treaters. I put up some spider webs and some "caution, enter if you dare" tape all along our house. Hehe. It makes it more fun I think when people add a little festiveness to their house. I am going to get some dry ice from safe way and Vin had a great idea for it! We will put it in a bowl and add a little water, then put another bowl on top of it kinda like a double boiler effect so when the kids grab the candy, it will be all foggy and smokey! Fun stuff! Also, I want to put some in my little bushes along the door way so it looks a little foggy when they walk up.

Well, I think I will finish my makeup application and prepare for an outing with Coco~



Holy smokes, brace yourself!

Cohen in her very first Halloween costume!!! Yew will die :-)